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I create Fine Art and Jewellery using ceramics. 

Each piece is unique and made totally by hand.  

The process is painstaking with minute detailing.


Inspired by Japanese traditional ceramics and minimalism, my work has a delicacy and rhythm. Subtle textures and bold graphic form are central

to my designs. Whilst the shapes I use are striking this boldness is counterbalanced by the nuances

of the material, the interplay of light and shadow

and dramatic use of colour.


The work has layers of interest. Initially the strong shape is what you see, but a closer inspection 

reveals the natural alchemy inherent in my process. Abstraction slowly introduces itself with the  

repeated shapes and elegant patterns.


Purity of material is fundamental. I celebrate the unadorned organic quality of porcelain and clay 
with the minimal use of glaze. This makes my pieces very tactile and ergonomic. 

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